Our steel profiles are manufactured in a commercial grade and an S355JR grade depending on the item.

Commercial quality Grade S355JR
Flat bars: 20x3mm up to 90x25mm 100x6mm to 300x12mm
Angle iron: 25x25x2mm up to 45x45x5mm 50x50x3mm to 200x200x20mm
Round bar: 6mm up to 40mm 30mm to 100mm
Square bar: 8mm up to 50mm 55mm to 150mm
Unequal angles: 65x50x6mm to 150x90x15mm
Channels: 76x38mm to 300x100mm
IPE Section: STD & AA 100x55mm to 200x100mm
Columns: 152x152mm to 305x305mm
Beams: 203x133mm to 533x210mm

Lip Channel

Lip channels are predominantly used as a structural component when erecting or constructing buildings and structures.


Angles are typically used as braces to reinforce structures from the outside by increasing overall stress tolerance, but may also be used in sets of two or four.

Flat Bar

We stock a broad range of steel bars characterised by a width of 200 mm or less and a thickness greater than 5 mm.


The structural channel, also known as a C-beam is a type of (usually structural steel) beam, used primarily in building construction and civil engineering.

Round & Square Bar

Solid round and square bar steel is widely used in general fabrication, industrial, agricultural,  ironmongery, security applications and construction projects.

Re-enforcing bar

These are ribbed steel rods used to reinforce concrete structures from the inside by forming a “skeleton” around which the concrete is set.

Sheet & Plate

Steel sheet & plate features most prominently in the general engineering, production and construction industries, although its uses are by no means limited to such applications.

Expanded & Flatex

Expanded metal, walkway grating and general purpose mesh are three related product categories that often overlap in function and design. Each of these products resembles a steel grid.


VASTRAP® is a registered ArcelorMittal South Africa trade name for hot rolled steel floor plate. It is patterned to render a non-slip surface.

IPE Sections

The most common beam in construction is the I-beam, also known as a universal beam – a steel member with an I or H-shaped cross-section. I-beams have a strong centre or “web” for vertical support, along with flanges on either side to provide strength in the horizontal plane.

Mass Charts

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