Outside of general engineering and petrochemical pipelines, fencing is one of the largest markets in the steel industry.

• We are proudly recognised as the leading supplier in the Western Cape Fencing Industry.
• Our bolt-together palisade system is supplied complete with matching 76mm square posts, all HOT DIPPED GALVANISED, ( not made from pre-galvanised coil )
• Standard heights are 1.8m, 2.1m & 2.4m. panel width is 3.0m. Matching posts in 2.4m, 2.7m & 3.0m are available as end, corner and intermediates.
• We are also major stockists of wire panel fencing in heights ranging from 1240mm to 2400mm, with panel widths of 2.5m & 3.0m
• These are available in a dark anthracite colour and green, as well as standard Zincalume if necessary.

• NB: We are stockists of a unique epoxy based, expansion product for planting posts, where NO WATER is required! That’s right – NO WATER!!! Setting time – 20 minutes!! Ask your salesman about “Fast post anchor”

Palisade Fencing

Roll formed pales for perimeter fencing. Made to length, in 50mm & 65mm widths. Residential and industrial usage. Hot dipped galvanised, bolt together DIY system with gates & post. Standard heights 1.8m, 2.1m in 3m wide panel.

Palisade for all applications
• Residential • Industrial Premises
• Security Estates • Parks & Recreation Areas
• Schools • Anywhere you need a perimeter fence
• Commercial Properties
• Wine Farms
• Community & Sports Fields
• Golf Estates


Every security situation is different and that is why Betafence security solutions can meet the most divergent of needs. Betafence always proposes the most suitable approach based on the specific situation, the security level required and the risk assessment.

Betafence for all applications

• Residential – Nylofor® Medium, Betaview®
• Commercial – Nylofor® 3M, Betaview®
• Industrial – Betaview®, Securifor® 358 Single Skin
• High Security – Securifor® 358 Double Skin, Securifor® 358 Dublo

Fast Post Anchor

A convenient, fast and affordable alternative to concrete.

1 Bag = 1 x 40kg Bags of Concrete Mix
No need to carry heavy concrete bags.

• 1 x 600g bag of Fast Post Anchor replaces 1 x 40kg bags of ready mix concrete.
• For example: a 75-100mm post can be set with a 1x 600g bag of Fast Post Anchor in a 15cm wide hole that is 600mm in depth. No more 400 x 400mm wide holes required.
• No water is required.
• Expands to set the post in minutes.
• Waterproof. Helps protect the post against rotting.
• Can be used during the winter.
• Reduces carbon footprint.