Nylofor® Medium

Versatile Medium-level security fencing solution

The wire is Zincalu®-coated, resistance-welded and plastic-coated with maximum adhesion to guarantee an extra-long lifespan

Rigidity is excellent by virtue of welded mesh panels with rectangular apertures and horizontal reinforcements.

Precision-made components offer a quality system that can be installed with maximum efficiency.

Build your entire system from a choice of panels in various heights, square or Bekafix® Secure posts with specific fixing systems, adapted accessories and a wide assortment of innovative swing and sliding gates. All aesthetically pleasing. All environmentally friendly.

State-of-the-art PVC-coating technology underpins our 10-year, insurance-underwritten, anti-corrosion guarantee when original Betafence panels, posts and fixators are used.


Panels specifications

  • Panel width: 2493 mm
  • Aperture: 50 x 100 mm
  • Core wire diameter: 3.65 mm
  • Wire diameter after PVC coating: 4.05 mm

Bekafix® Secure Post

The Bekafix® Secure Post is a hollow “H” profile post with the dimensions of 70 x 44mm x 2mm. This post is made from a rolled sheet then hot dip galvanised and PVC coated to a minimum thickness of 200 microns using Betafence’s fluidised bed PVC coating machine. Panels are attached behind the front lip of the post using spider fixators and stainless steel security bolts which go through the post for added security. They are secured by shear of nuts to ensure that they are tamper proof.

Square Post

The Square Post is a 60 x 60 x 1.6mm post that has been hot dipped galvanised and then PVC coated using Betafence’s fluidised bed coating machine to apply a uniform lead free PVC coating. Panels are attached to the front face of the post using a spider fixator and security bolt.

Bekafix® Secure Posts Square Posts
Fence height



Width x Height


Number of reinforcements

per panel

Post length


Number of fixings

per post

Number of fixings per

intermediate & end post

Number of fixings per

corner post

1240 2493 x 1240 2 1700 6 3 6
1750 2493 x 1750 3 2200 10 5 10
2060 2493 x 2060 4 2600 12 6 12